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John Palcewski's Journal

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At Santa Maria di Loreto

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Padre Papini, an old "cappuccino" (82 years old). I know him for 30 years. He is the kind of religious man I don't like a lot. The reason is a mere age-mentality-reason. He has an old concept of the Church and above all his concept about the women is: woman=devil... uhm... This remembers me something... uhm... ah, yes! Do you remember the story of the Salem's witches? If yes, he could be one of the blackmen in the room of the trial...
Oh my God! The Inquisition! Run away...

Hmmmmm. Woman as devil. Somehow that concept strikes a familiar, personal chord. Please, don't get me started!

that is a great picture!!!

Thanks, glad you like it!

he looks like a happy fella

That's because he knows that women are devils!

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