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John Palcewski's Journal

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The War on Terra

The Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces. Look closely to see the faces of the young soldiers who died for this man's lies.

High resolution photo available here:  http://photomatt.net/dropbox/2004/04/bush-large.jpg

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terrible so many.
and very well done.

I'll try to compose the word "Fuck you" with the italian soldiers who also died for this man's lies. The past week Bush said that he was unable to give the necessary information about the death of Calipari, the italian secret agent who was killed by american soldiers during the liberation of an italian hostage. This information, that envolved specifecly a soldier, Mario Lozano, are very important to understand the dynamic of the events and maybe the intention to kill the italian agent, due to the contrast between the secret agencies both italian and american. Well, Bush said that at this moment he doesn't know where is the soldier: since the events he disappared. That's strange... The Chief of the United States Armed Forces doesn't know where is a soldier... And more strange it's that we are allied, but I think if a man is a liar with his people, still more with the allies.

I almost wish I could believe there is an afterlife - in particular, a hell.

This is excellent, and I'm glad you shared this. But I must confess that I like this one even more:


The full-resolution version has apparently disappeared off the Internet, but I've still got my copy. It's HUGE -- 12000 x 9000, so I'm not posting it at my site out of bandwidth concerns. If you (or anyone else here) wants a copy, drop me a line and I'll make it happen.

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