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John Palcewski's Journal

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More of Maria's Photographs of Me At Citera

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Looking very Greek God, my man.

But this also reminds me of the rule about photography and about pro photogs, especially ones that work with the stunning models seen in fashion mags.

A person in love with you will always take a better picture of you than someone who doesn't know you or who doesn't like you. So, through Maria's lens, you will always be your best!

But it reminds me that the pros tend to either project themselves into the work (i.e. are narcissistically projecting themselves to the opposite side of the camera) or fall in love with their model, and do that again, and again, and again throughout their careers.

Not quite enough material for a thinkpost, but when you're swimming, you don't really want a lot of material!

Astute, accurate analysis! But just a bit incomplete. A professional photographer never EVER shows anyone his/her outtakes!

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