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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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The Three Graces

In a display case near the reception desk at the museum at Villa Arbusta in the nearby village of Lacco Ameno is a beautifully lighted reproduction of The Three Graces, a Greek sculpture, c. 323-146 B.C. It’s a representation of Aglaia (Radiance), Euphrosyne (Joy and Mirth), and Thalia (Bringer of Flowers), a triad of female deities who nurtured beauty in nature and humanity. Servants of Aphrodite, they are daughters of Zeus and the sea-nymph Euronyme. In earlier Greek art the three sisters were coy and decently dressed, but under the influence of Praxiteles the unknown sculptor of this piece has put them in an erotic dance, which celebrates the beauty of the feminine nude beyond all sensuality.

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This sculpture, which is at the Louvre, was my absolute favorite when I went to Paris and had the day to explore the museum. It is beautiful.

I would like to have seen this Greek sculpture just after the unknown sculptor had finished it-the sculpture makes me feel wild

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