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John Palcewski's Journal

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Crazed and Unlikable

In a small village like Forio, the tourists are easy to spot. Some are more attractive than others, especially in the late-afternoon sun.

Anyway, on another topic, while I was in New York last May I sent the printed manuscript of MEMORIA NERA to a top New York literary agency. I waited patiently for three months, then the other day I sent a polite email asking them if they had come to any decision. A sophisticated agent with a stable of successful authors replied, “I don't believe we ever received your manuscript…”

My attention fastened on his phrase “I don’t believe.” I took it to mean that he was calling me a liar. Smoke and flames spewed from my flared nostrils. I saw red. I hastily sent him a screen shot of the UPS tracking site that showed delivery of the package to Inkwell Management's "SHUEL" at "RECEPTION" on 05/09/2006 at 9:31 A.M. The agent immediately offered to reimburse me for the return postage I claimed I had enclosed. “That’s not necessary,” I replied, “now that you have sufficient proof I am not a liar.”

This morning, in the cool light of reason, I see the agent’s comment was hardly the attack on my honor as I had first thought. He meant only that nobody at Inkwell had seen the manuscript. He had not called me a liar. I just took it that way.

I recall a comment of my favorite ex wife, Elizabeth, which made an impression on me. She referred to one of my extended angry rants as part of “The tyranny of the easily offended.”

Note to self: NEVER reply to anyone in a state of anger. You risk making yourself look even more crazed and unlikable than you already are.

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(Deleted comment)

Re: It's all about perception

A slight tug is precisely what came to mind when I encountered this lovely woman. She did not see the camera hanging at my side, pointing up at her as I slowly passed. I got off three shots and because she was deep into her iPod music, she didn't hear the sound of the shutter.

(Deleted comment)

Re: And that was me...

I may be old, but I've got all my hair and all my teeth and I can STILL get it up!

grazie for the reminder. my theory is to save most emails in 'draft' form when i know i am writing them with expressive emotion. i wait a day, re-read them and often delete or re-word the emails i am so tempted to send in haste. as a matter of fact i have three of them presently sitting in the 'draft' file.
as the picture expresses...what one sees is not always what one gets. :) ciao!

Exactly. It takes hard work to STOP and think, but it's absolutely necessary.

“The tyranny of the easily offended.” sounds like something you would say not be... I have never seen you as easily offended as much as socially aware.

You are a gifted and sensitive person who speaks out against injustice with the flurish of a poet. Not kind, just fact.

ha...omg, how can she walk in them pants.
and yeah, i often have a knee jerk reaction to things...easier said than done to curb that.

She seemed to be slithering rather than walking, so that might explain it.

there are times when "crazed and unlikeable" is a useful impression to make.

Yes, except when you're trying to sell a book!

I hear ya on that !!
I often 'go-off' quickly realizing later on that I might have been more tactful if I'd have waited until I cooled down.

Note to self: NEVER reply to anyone in a state of anger. You risk making yourself look even more crazed and unlikable than you already are.

Words that I should heed as well.

How the hell does she keep those pants from slithering down around her knees, double-stick tape? She looks absurd from over here (in the feral forest of the 501 Levis).

Fashion is fast-moving and wholly arbitrary. Hair styles, fer instance. Maybe a year ago I noticed that the lab technician in CSI wore his hair like he just crawled out of bed. Then I noticed that the famous chef Jamie Oliver had the same do. Apparently you have to go to a professional, high-priced hair dresser to achieve that effect. To me it looks absurd, but then if I say such a thing I reaveal myself as one of those out-of-touch old farts who believes the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Never mind that much of it actually IS, particularly not too far from here, in the mid-east. Anyway.

Good photo...looks like total self absorption.

Yep, exactly. She was in dreamland.

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