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John Palcewski's Journal

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The Rich Are What?

"Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me. They possess and enjoy early, and it does something to them, makes them soft, where we are hard, cynical where we are trustful, in a way that, unless you were born rich, it is very difficult to understand." --Paragraph 3 of "The Rich Boy," by F. Scott Fitztgerald

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Ernest Hemingway, of course, could not resist. He rewrote the passage this way, just to piss his rival off:

Fitzgerald: The rich are different than you and me.

Hemingway: Yes, they have more money.

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I read somewhere that it was the other way round, but after Fitzgerald died Hemingway, never an especially honest man, used it to humiliate him. I remember that story about examining Fitzgerald's penis in France in A Movable Feast as another low blow (true or not)against the memory of Fitzgerald.

Having said that, the rich people I've met, new and old money, are different. They bug me. I knew a rich boy in college who never wanted to discuss anything and used to say, "Let's not get into that now," whenever we wanted to discuss anything but skiing or...nothing.

Having said that, well, I wish we had a little more money.

not only the rich but all the ones born in the high society level, be him rich or poor, at the time of Fitzgerald maybe rich and aristocrates were equal in finances, but not when we lieve in a republic. in my school that was a school mainly for the sons of aristocracy and high finance , i suffer badly . and i'm still enraged with my parents that had so little money to survive ythough being intelectuals and graduate,they fucked my life since a young child
. i was in taht school and i was marginalized and never went to any of my colleagues party because they never herd my name in society.

there i had suffer more than i can tell, and in the other hand i learn the way of those girls and my goal was to dress and have my hair the way they had.

Later i met someone and we got toghether in our love .He was a brother of some of the girls...and he had a tittle to inheriter sorry for the english) from his father when he would die.

was this a choice that i would made if i didnt study in that school?
i dont know.
we couldnt marry oficialy . as you may no Portugal had this agreement with the vatican called 'concordata' meaning this that who marry in church wouldnt divorce. he ha formerly marryed in church.
though he wanted me to use his name and introduced me always as his wife and he was my husband and we had a lovely baby.
what i want to say is and thats why i tell you my story: aristocracy was not rich. they were 12 children..and great economic dificulties. However that look call it cynical , and their easyness in the word of society they all had, his mother looked like the queen of england after the republican revolution.
never these people show a weakness . and this is not always good for tem.
when drama touches them they dont accept the suffering and there is a time they need psy help. but they never accept they need help. so the psychiatrists i know they complain about them when they finally appear for consultation, they give a hell of a work to them.its so bad that my friend quits them and dont accept them as she understans its one of them.
that isto say : they fucked their children since the come to this world and thought them to lye to themselves.they are all mentaly sick.
i know them as you may understand.
sorry for th extent of my confession....lol
i never had that right phisical posture they are tought to have.
only now after all this years people think i belong to those social level so to speak....
but i am mainly an isolated dreamer, who cant find my equals : i am very weir!!

Re: the rich ed alii

As you know, very few people in the world have to worry about aristocrats these days. I'm sorry that you're so accustomed to that world. I wish you well in finding happiness. It's all pretty far removed from my reality here in vulgar Los Angeles. I love this chaotic city because people reinvent themselves here when they want. It's astonishing.

sorry : you misunderstood me.
I wrote there that i am a marginal person living in solitude trying to understand the world...a marginal artist too and poor.

Hmmmm. In America I came to understand the world, which is why I now by choice am a marginal person who lives in solitude!

yes so do l . people doesnt appeal to me often, so once l feel frustrted with the indigence of general people i am a creature living in solitude by choice, only some times i feel like sharing ideas thoughts but seldom i haveto whom l could feel in empathy..
the english is bad sorry,..

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