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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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She's Now A Part Of Me

Last May Pushi died, and Nino’s brother buried her in the soil beneath one of the grapevines. Yesterday I ate some of the fruit that my cat’s body helped nourish. Sweet, but then just a subtle hint of sourness, especially the skin.

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must be very hard , i'm sorry , are you going to have another cat? its goog for us havng a cat.:))

Pushi arrived at my door about two years ago, very skinny and very hungry. Now I must wait until another cat comes into my life. You are absolutely right, it is good to have a cat. They know something, you can see it in their eyes. Something we'll perhaps never understand.

You know, I was just thinking about you last night, John, and wondering where you were. I didn't think I'd seen a post from you for some time! I do hope everything has been okay .. it's quite unusual for you to be so quiet!

Nice of you to be concerned, I appreciate it. I was just laying low, quietly working through the latest swirling dust devil.

John, I didn't hear you for some time, I sent you an e-mail, yesterday, but I had not answer. Are you ok? Let me know.

Maestro, I'm fine. I'm hoping that you will be able to help me move from Telecom Italia to a new ISP, because this erratic modem is driving me NUTZ!!!!!

...the grapes of wrath. there's something about cats as they do have nine lives...be they here or not.
good to read you. you are more of a hermit than i have been... :) ciao!

Being a hermit has great benefits, but you get to appreciate them only if you remain in solitude for a LONG time. Suddenly you realize there is tremendous comfort in living inside your own head, rather than in someone else's. Plus I don't have to worry about what position the toilet seat is in, up or down.

I've been wondering about you too, but it seems like you are just on a quiet hiatus.

My friend djaza has nine cats that all wandered in, or were rescued as kittens from a drainage canal behind her house in LA: victims of attempted infancaticide. They mostly live outside, prowling around after their neuroses, and can come in through the cat door if it's cold. This one is Katsu. Has a penchant for Chinese philosophy.
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That is a great shot. I immediately added djaza to my friends list. And I hope you provide details of your upcoming adventures!

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