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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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She's Now A Part Of Me

Last May Pushi died, and Nino’s brother buried her in the soil beneath one of the grapevines. Yesterday I ate some of the fruit that my cat’s body helped nourish. Sweet, but then just a subtle hint of sourness, especially the skin.

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I've been wondering about you too, but it seems like you are just on a quiet hiatus.

My friend djaza has nine cats that all wandered in, or were rescued as kittens from a drainage canal behind her house in LA: victims of attempted infancaticide. They mostly live outside, prowling around after their neuroses, and can come in through the cat door if it's cold. This one is Katsu. Has a penchant for Chinese philosophy.
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That is a great shot. I immediately added djaza to my friends list. And I hope you provide details of your upcoming adventures!

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