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John Palcewski's Journal

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(no subject)

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Beautiful smile and eyes!
Is that a large pendant around her neck or
opera glasses?

I find the picture of the woman sad-there is weariness in her eyes-I am surprise she allowed you to take a picture of her looking so old and bloated.

wow. Is this leila? I saw your name in this months vanity fair...

Yes, two distinct views of Leila. What is most fascinating and also disturbing about this whole sad thing is the almost universally-held assumption that what a person did (and was) nearly 40 years ago is identical to what that person does (and is) today. In this view, one never grows, matures, changes, adjusts. One never rejects inappropriate, childish, selfish, or indeed immoral behavior, but instead forever retains all the depravity suggested by a single impulsive act that lasted no more than six minutes. People these days simply don't have the capacity to absorb or contemplate any details. The boldfaced headline is sufficient. Rapist. Child molester. That's all they need to know. A fraction of a second is all it takes for them to form a judgment, which they'll contentedly carry to their graves.

yeah but I've known a few six minutes that have reverberated for a lot longer then six minutes.

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