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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Wanting Something

New Camogli Painting

That evening in Camogli, on the restaurant terrace, I realized that my relationship with Vittoria was more peculiar than I wanted to admit to myself. We were lovers, yes. But had we ever spent the night together? No. Had I ever gazed at dawn upon a tousel-haired sleepy head and said, “Ready for your coffee?” No. Had she ever awakened me with a tender kiss and whispered, “Want to fool around?” No. Not once.

By any objective measure this was a thoroughly ridiculous situation. Which I immediately rationalized with some clever words I’d read somewhere: “Wanting something is having as much of it as you will ever have.” I wrote those words down in my notebook right before the waiter brought my spaghetti con frutta de mare, and I felt a little better.

After my meal, gazing at the glittering sea and the ancient story-book architecture, I decided if that is all I’ll ever have of that woman, well, all right. This lovely place is part of what has made her who she is, and here I am. Aren’t I?

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“Wanting something is having as much of it as you will ever have.”

I've never thought of it like that before, will have to think it over. There have been things (well, ok, people) I've wanted to the point of madness, and maybe the mad desire is in the end what I had of them. Hmmm. OK, I am not a philosopher, you can tell. But thanks for the thought. And for that gorgeous photo of the table on the terrace!


You become a philosopher the moment you stop to think beyond the obvious or the familiar or the expected. It's the passion to understand that counts.

“Wanting something is having as much of it as you will ever have.”

Sometimes having less is better than having more.

Beautiful picture btw.

Thanks. But some of us want it ALL. And NOW.

Haha I hear you. :)

Patience is a wonderful virtue and can be very beneficial, but it is also sometimes difficult to nurture and practice.

Wow, my favorite picture of yours!!!

And "Wanting something" is the most proper title for it :)

Thanks, I'm glad you like it. Always wanting something is a pain, though, isn't it?

A pain and a blessing, both...

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