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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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In A Polished Mirror

Stanley Fish says that if your project does not elicit a wholly internal pleasure, that of its own accomplishment, then “… you might want to think again about your commitment to it.”

Listen, Stanley. I will never rethink my commitment. It’s permanent, and way beyond discussion. I do accept, however, the notion that making art is its own reward. Nothing else matters. Yes, it would be nice to become rich and famous. But if that never happens I will continue to make art, as long as I have my health and my wits about me. I intend to live here in solitude in my vineyard's villa on this island in the Bay of Naples until I’m 90, and then one day drop dead in the middle of writing a sentence. Or run over by a car as I’m photographing myself in a polished mirror.

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"making art is its own reward"

absolutely couldn't agree more.

Thanks for the reaffirmation.....art is its own reward. Getting off on creating is the rush, what is left over for other people to see/hear/read/own is sort of like detritus. The cigarette after wild sex. Sort of.

absolutely. absolutely. i read the article, twice. thank you so much. you're right: sometimes the creation process does foster quivering ecstasies, but sometimes, it leaves a few less hairs on the head - is either an indication that one should stop? if anything, i find validity in the struggle; it usually, or always, means one's pushing through to something. Either way, there are still times when there’s nothing more rewarding than solitude.

this is where you live? it looks like you have a beautiful view. it kinda reminds me of the place that i have been staying in a recurring dream. in my dream i live in a little place on the cliffs of a greek isle with the sea a new and deeper blue horizon. and there is good wine in the village and the locals are benevolent in their amusement at the american woman petting all the cats. in my dream, i'm writing a novel and go for a swim every day. i can almost feel the brightness of the night time breezes as i think about it.

ah. i wish it was true and not a dream...it looks like it is for you. :-)

glad you added me. nice to meet you.

Thanks, and welcome aboard. Achieving such a dream may take some time and hard work, but I'm here to tell you that you will never regret the effort!

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