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John Palcewski's Journal

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Nostalgic Meditation

In 1959 The Rayen School’s bad boys and outlaws got together and partied with their cute-as-a-button adoring girlfriends. The bald one second from right is Ralph Orzechowski, my step-brother, who at the time had just been paroled from Ohio State Penitentiary after serving two years for armed robbery. Not too long after that photo was taken, they found his corpse in a trash-filled alley in Youngstown, Ohio, a needle stuck between his toes. The odd coincidence is that Ralph and I were born on exactly the same day and year. March 1, 1942.

More details of those early days can be seen in my nostalgic meditation in Archipelago, entitled Memoria Nera.

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When I was a brash, arrogant young man I asked an old timer in a bar what it felt like being in his 70s. He said, "It feels like I'm a teenager trapped in an old fart's body." Ha! I'm getting old like him, but I sure as hell don't feel that way.

I love this post. We all still know people like Orzechowski, or at least I do. Graeme does. Are there any Polish connections there, by the way? in the name?

birth . .

have a good one.

My father was half Polish, half German. Ralph's father, Walter "Bully" Orzechowski, was fully Polish. There's pic of Bully in Memoria Nera, along the story of him sticking with my mother after she descended into dementia, caring for her, changing her diapers, bathing and feeding her, not putting her into a nursing home, because he knew how she'd be treated there. Hamlet: âœHe was a man, take him for all in all, I shall not look upon his like again.â

Such a strong image is formed from such simple words and a picture.

Happy birthday!

And thank you for the add. I'm starting to digest "Memoria Nera" now :)

Many thanks for your interest, and welcome aboard!

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