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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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St. Vito’s, the oldest church on the island. I was in there the other day, meditating, trying to bring myself out of a particularly dark mood. I thought of Johan August Strindberg’s comment: “When they say Christ descended into Hell, they mean that he descended to earth, this penitentiary, this madhouse and morgue of a world.”

I know these morbid moods pass. But in the depths of one it seems permanent.

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"But in the depths of one it seems permanent"

It most certainly does.
Sometimes they pass so quickly and sometimes
they stretch on like a least favorite season?

And I really like this picture.
The woman on the balcony especially.

That church is beautiful.

Strange, how the moods do lift suddenly- It can be hard to see out.

I'm not sure how we became LJ acquainted, but I just wanted to let you know that I started reading. I'll try to catch up on the backstory.

Well put. I've been having a touch of the same, so I can somewhat understand how you're feeling.

mmm i think i understand. i wish you a belated birthday wish for a glorious year. this moment aside, there are many more and beautiful moments to come.

and, like strindberg, i have often considered this life the hell and, whether there is a place called heaven or no, the peace after this hell is welcomed.

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