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John Palcewski's Journal

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It's About Damned Time

Yellow wood sorrel (Oxalis corniculata), also known as procumbent yellow sorrel, is a delicate, low-growing herbaceous plant in the family Oxalidaceae. It has started blooming and soon will literally cover the entire island in a blanket of luminescent yellow and vibrant green. It means that spring, finally, has arrived.

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This grows wild in my neighbor hood and house. I love it. When i see it, there is hope for one more time around the sun

And to think that just a few weeks ago I started to get the feeling that dark clouds, drizzle, chilly breezes were permanent!

It got close to 60 degrees today in my city. Beautiful.

Sunny days are definitely ahead!

Ahhh spring in the south of Italy! just saying that sounds romantic and ... warm!

Here.. it's -24 Celcius today.... we've got snow all over and I don't dare go outside without my boots, woolie mittens, scarf and big winter coat for fear of frostbite!

You KNOW it will soon pass!

Gods I wish spring were nearing here... Minnesota has a ways to go to reach that... only 2 more months? *laughs*

Lovely flowers... :)

In the late 70s I spent a year in Minneapolis, in Hopkins. One morning there was about a foot of fresh snow on the ground and it was minus 30, no wind chill. But that stopped no one. I'll always remember a slim blonde blue-eyed girl in a parka and tight jeans, head under her car's hood, making an adjustment on the carb, and finally getting the engine to start.

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