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Her First Starring Role

Maria Marella

Francesca, I got a call from Vittoria earlier today and I’m wondering if you’ve heard from her as well. I tried calling several times but nobody answered, and I haven’t seen you online for the past couple of days.

Meanwhile, if you have any doubt as to the identity of Vitoria’s birth mother, take a look at this publicity still I lifted from a classic movie website. It’s from “Anna Karenina,” the 1972 Italian-language film by Antonio Franzese.

Tell me, is there or is there not an extremely close resemblance to Vittoria? The photo was taken when Maria Marrella was 18, and in her first starring role.

Here is part of a review you might find interesting.

“Stunning newcomer Maria Marrella stars as Anna, literature's most tragic adulteress. This Naples-born actress brilliantly brings to life Leo Tolstoy's vision of a woman who struggles in a milieu of raw, sometimes uncontrollable passions, emotional and sexual betrayal, and troubled aristocrats with troubled lives…”

I saw some other biographical information, which I’ll assemble in a file and send to you. Most important is the fact that Maria and director Antonio Franzese had an affair that lasted a few years. The film was shot in 1971, about a year before Vittoria was born.

What you said earlier is exactly right. All this seems unreal.


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