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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Decisions, decisions.

A movie on TV the other night. Joe and his finace, Lucy, are having problems. She says in a voice-over that she’s fallen out of love with Joe, but doesn’t have the courage to break off the engagement right now. Joe senses there’s something really wrong, but he avoids talking to her about it.

So the pair go with friends to a lake for a picnic. Joe dives off the dock into shallow water, breaks his neck. When he comes out of a coma, he’s paralyzed from the neck down.

Lucy faces some big questions. Should she go forward with the planned wedding, even though Joe will never walk or make love to her ever again? Or should she break it off, as she’d planned?

Finally, Lucy decides. She says good bye to Joe and heads for New York. She finds an apartment, and a job, and a handsome lover. A really, really NICE guy. She’s free!

But then, wait. She’s not. After her visit back to her home town to attend another friend’s wedding, and after some long conversations with Joe in his wheelchair, Lucy finally decides that she has to give up her nice-guy lover in New York, and stick with Joe after all.

So tell me, LJ friends. Did Lucy make the right decision?

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I am disturbed by the ^_^ in that graffito, but beyond that, I don't have an answer.

Idunno... not knowing them, personally, I couldn't forumlate an expert opinion... (;

Given what I've got, I think she really didn't have to, unless she realized that, deep down, she really loved him. After all, she was going to break off the engagement, when he was perfectly healthy and fully functional.

However, if she hadn't gone back, would everyone continue to see her as a heartless bitch who left her finace to languish because he was no better than a wet noodle?

Would she have gone back to him if he hadn't had the accident? Would she have even broken up with him in the first place, and instead stayed with him and remained unhappy? Was this one of those unfortunate events that were "meant" to happen to bring two people together... at great expense to one of them?

Hmmm, I overthink things, don't I? Perhaps this is why I am staring spinsterhood in the face... (;

Hey, I've been staring hermit-hood in the face for the past six years and I'm here to tell you it's not that bad. I wake up when I please, I go to bed when I please, and I sure as hell don't have to share the remote. I decide what to watch, and when, or not at all. I decide what to eat, and when. The toilet paper roll position is not an issue, because the toilet paper roll resides unencumbered in the bowl of the bidet (WTF is that???) beside the toilet. I piss in the toilet with the seat down or up, I don't care. And sometimes I piss in the sink, just because there is nobody around to tell me that I shouldn't. I live in my head. There's nobody else in there to contradict me. Ha!

...the toilet paper roll resides unencumbered in the bowl of the bidet...

My friend always had a houseplant in his. (Well, when he wasn't using it as a towel hamper.)

I think one must be honest with oneself. There was no detail about why she "had" to go back, but whatever her feeling was about what was true and right was probably correct. Whether she acted on that is another question.

At the risk of sounding horrid, I am going to say that Lucy has probably ruined her life and destroyed any chance she ever had at happiness, NOT because of dumping the NY Nice Guy, but because of making a life-altering decision based on what appears to be guilt.

Of course, her motives for going back to Joe are not revealed here, so I'm probably projecting. :)


Lucy is a product of western ideals, spicifically the idea that to suffer and not have what you truely want in life makes you a better person. You know, like that Catholic idea that self denial is a virture.

Why would he even want her with him anymore anyway. Obviously she is going back to him out of a sense of obligation. Now she can be a martyr and people will tell her how strong SHE is and what a good person SHE is.

It is discusting. She isn't doing anyone a favor, least of all Joe.

Or at least that is my opinion.

Weeeeeeel, I think Lucy should have stayed with her gorgeous new lover and helped find Joe an attractive, wonderful and gracious attendant.
They are both deserving of the best lives they can have. Why should they have to do that together?
I don't watch TV! Hahahahaha

wrong decision.

she didn't love him to begin with, she planned on breaking it off even before the accident. now if they were married for 30 years and she left him that would just be sad and heartless.

in a few years, she'll be exhausted from all the giving she has to do, and not getting her needs met in return (i.e. sexual) - she'll go grey early and hope he dies from paralysis complications (never voicing that outloud, of course, it would be her dark secret). she'll dream of her NY lover, because she was free then.

i've always thought that idealism has its place within itself. only love can break those kind of boundaries.

Too many questions... and we didn't hear the long conversations.. did she realize she truly did love him? did she ever love that nice guy or was it just sex?

how much guilt is involved with her decision? It's doomed. I just dont' see it working.. she's too young (I'm assuming here...) to deal with the needs of a handicapped man, and possibly even immature, not having the courage to break it off to begin with, why is that? Because she's afraid of not having *someone*.. or afraid of not having *him*?

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