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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Decisions, decisions.

A movie on TV the other night. Joe and his finace, Lucy, are having problems. She says in a voice-over that she’s fallen out of love with Joe, but doesn’t have the courage to break off the engagement right now. Joe senses there’s something really wrong, but he avoids talking to her about it.

So the pair go with friends to a lake for a picnic. Joe dives off the dock into shallow water, breaks his neck. When he comes out of a coma, he’s paralyzed from the neck down.

Lucy faces some big questions. Should she go forward with the planned wedding, even though Joe will never walk or make love to her ever again? Or should she break it off, as she’d planned?

Finally, Lucy decides. She says good bye to Joe and heads for New York. She finds an apartment, and a job, and a handsome lover. A really, really NICE guy. She’s free!

But then, wait. She’s not. After her visit back to her home town to attend another friend’s wedding, and after some long conversations with Joe in his wheelchair, Lucy finally decides that she has to give up her nice-guy lover in New York, and stick with Joe after all.

So tell me, LJ friends. Did Lucy make the right decision?

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wrong decision.

she didn't love him to begin with, she planned on breaking it off even before the accident. now if they were married for 30 years and she left him that would just be sad and heartless.

in a few years, she'll be exhausted from all the giving she has to do, and not getting her needs met in return (i.e. sexual) - she'll go grey early and hope he dies from paralysis complications (never voicing that outloud, of course, it would be her dark secret). she'll dream of her NY lover, because she was free then.

i've always thought that idealism has its place within itself. only love can break those kind of boundaries.

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