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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Kurt Vonnegut

Two of many images I made during an interview a number of years ago. “And so it goes,” he used to say.

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it's great that you were able to photograph him.

i always wanted to hear him speak. i remember one of the last interviews i read of him, he was asked if he had any ideas for a good reality t.v. show. he replied, "C-students from Yale...it'll make your hair stand on end!"

classic vonnegut.

hope you don't mind that i added you, btw.

Thanks. He was amazingly cooperative, and kind, and patient. Plus he knew exactly what I needed as a photographer, and he generously gave it to me, and I thought it was probably because he was married to Jill Krementz. Thanks for adding me, and I've added you as well. See that you spent some time studying here in Italy...you have quite an impressive resume!

That first photo is really amazing.

rip. used to be one of my favourite writers

You were so lucky to actually see and talk to him.

Thank you for these pictures, they show him as I always imagined him in my mind.

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