John Palcewski (forioscribe) wrote,
John Palcewski

"le fou" and "la fausse"

Tom Johansmeyer is in Paris today, and will be there until Thursday. I sent him a quick post saying that Maureen Dowd at the Times says this morning, regarding the French election, that in a contest between "le fou" and "la fausse," the crazy and the false, France may say oui to le fou. Meaning Ségolène Royal. I asked him to zap me a post when the results come in around 1800 today.

Tom immediately replied that he and Laura will be at a post-election party this evening with some American ex-pats, and by the way here are some political campaign pics.

Throughout the city, a great number of these posters are defaced, scrawled with obscenities, the candidates eyes scratched, an indication of the great passion this election is eliciting.


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