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John Palcewski's Journal

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"le fou" and "la fausse"

Tom Johansmeyer is in Paris today, and will be there until Thursday. I sent him a quick post saying that Maureen Dowd at the Times says this morning, regarding the French election, that in a contest between "le fou" and "la fausse," the crazy and the false, France may say oui to le fou. Meaning Ségolène Royal. I asked him to zap me a post when the results come in around 1800 today.

Tom immediately replied that he and Laura will be at a post-election party this evening with some American ex-pats, and by the way here are some political campaign pics.

Throughout the city, a great number of these posters are defaced, scrawled with obscenities, the candidates eyes scratched, an indication of the great passion this election is eliciting.

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yesterday I watched a debate on CSPAN between Sarkozy & Royal-Royal was mad at Sarkozy-really attacked him-do not know why since I have not been following the story?-peace Jonny

Well, Sarkozy is conservative, and Royal is socialist. You can tell how conservative Sarkozy is by the fact that George Bush was "thrilled" by the victory, which was in the 53 percent range of the 80 some percent of the electorate in France who turned out to vote Sunday. Now our Decider, the Commander in Chief, somehow manages to see it as an endoresement of his overall incompetence and the bloodletting in Iraq. But he sees everything that way, doesn't he? Oh, well.

I've been watching the French election and I'm curious to see who will be the winner!

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