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John Palcewski's Journal

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May from Bali

My new massage therapist, May, who is from the Indonesian island of Bali, brought my muscles and bones into alignment this morning, as Columba, my landlord’s wife, watched with great interest. Now, several hours later, the scent of eucalaptus still wafts from the oil on my skin, and it brings me continued relief from my lower back and leg pain. Ah.

May said she had given me “Chinese massage,” based on the ancient Jing Luo theory, which sees the body as containing a system of pathways that transport qi and blood. These pathways regulate yin and yang, protect against external pathogens, and link the internal organs with the exterior. When the pathways are blocked, you feel pain. The massage focuses on “xue,” or acupoints, and may involve between 30 and 70 “shou fa,” or hand techniques. These manipulations involve spinal adjustments, similar to Osteopathy, with important differences.

Tomorrow at 1800 May will return and give me a more thorough treatment. Meanwhile, she put a pile of cotton towels and tee shirts on my table, which she said I must use instead of those that contain synthetic fibers. She also left medicine, oil, eucalaptus essence, small candles, and a ceramic lamp.

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Ha! happy you.

Me and chinese massage we dont fit! last time i've been at the traditional chinese medicine institute for my hip, i got so infuriated because her ,how do you say? her ? quela che aiuta e non ed ancora una terapeuta) well i told her several times to stop and she didn't respond so, suddenly i got up furious my chi should had jump all to my head, i used a dirty language in a very bad tempered way and dressed i went away without paying.
Do you know actually that thing gets on my nerves,its very painful for me i ask to stop that strenght cose i'm very sensitive and when they do it it's ok though the other time i had to tell to sop . in fact i get terribly cold and start a growing irritation mixed with a crescendo of anger and desgust.
i feel a tremendous disgust about that manipulation .
then since i treat my shoulders hip etc using an exterior medicine something you put on your body and massage just a little and then wait till it dries and get dressed. A lot less expensive and its the 'do it yourself thing' i have a very independent and solitaire life i cant stand others interfering specially with my body ,
There was and still is a chinese hairdresser, though the guy is briton, but anyway the girls as you arrive ask you in a too gentle way if you'd like a cupa tee , and hey ask you this with a submissive smile,..that keels me .
then the girls wash your hair with an endless massage.., i'v stop going there anyway!

I'm a total agnostic about life, and that includes treatments for pain. I don't care if the cure is valid or just a placebo that works only because in my soul or imagination I merely WANT it to work. But then, hey, if it makes me feel better, great. If not, I go to something else.

As for the Chinese girls, I wouldn't be kneeled if they asked me in too submissive a way, with too sweet a smile, if I would like a cup of tea. No, I'd be truly grateful and delighted. I love tea. And I love girls!

Sorry to hear that you've been in so much pain lately. I hope your massage therapist helps to speed up your recovery - she sounds wonderful!

several years ago now, i had extreme back pain which acupuncture helped immensely!

i hope that you continue to feel better!

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