John Palcewski (forioscribe) wrote,
John Palcewski

I've Got Mail!

Hi Johnny,

you may not remember me, but I sure remember you. I lived next door to you 1566 Belmont Ave. I gave you a kiss on your cheek as I thought I was totally, hopelessly in love for the first time. If my memory serves me well, you told the nuns at St. Casimir's and I was placed in the corner for the whole day. I found you on a Google search and am very impressed with what you've done with your life. I'm not sure if your email address is up to date so I will close now but will write you if this goes through. Fondly, Deedee

Dear Deedee,

Your email was among a couple dozen others in the spam collection of my Hotmail, but something made me hesitate before I deleted everything, and I’m glad I didn’t.

So first allow me to apologize for getting you into trouble with those nuns fifty years ago. I don’t recall doing it, but betraying you like that was nevertheless unkind and stupid, and I’m sorry.

Was this when we all were confirmed at St. Casimir’s? I have an old photo in my collection, enclosed, which was taken back then. Anyway, my memory is hazy (ninety nine percent of my school years in Youngstown is a blank to me), but I do remember at that time I desperately wanted a girl to like me, and I wanted to believe you did, either because of your kiss, or because I sensed you thought well of me for some reason.

I decided I’d try to strike a deal with the diety the nuns--and the blue-covered Baltimore Chatechism--said was the Supreme Being Who Made All Things. If only Deedee would like me!

“God,” I prayed, “if you make that happen, then I swear I will believe in you and be a good Catholic the rest of my life.”

Now, maybe your having to stand in the corner all day changed your feelings for me. In any event, I concluded the Supreme Being wasn’t interested in granting my wish, so I gave Him up entirely, and the Holy Roman Catholic Church as well.

Deedee, please tell me more of what you remember of those days. It’s strange—and wonderful—being taken back to childhood. And if you have any pictures, I’d love to see them!

With warm regards,


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