John Palcewski (forioscribe) wrote,
John Palcewski

Two Near Misses

A strange day. On my way to the village a car came around the corner at the intersection of Via Pierello and Via Mortola. It's a very narrow road, barely wide enough for the car, but the driver didn't see me. I pressed against the green tuffa wall and the car pulled beside me. The front passenger shouted at the driver, and he stopped. If he hadn't I would have been crushed. Whew!

Then on the outskirts of Forio I encountered this child's sandal. I photographed the "found object" exactly as it was, I didn't move it one millimeter. My photo editor at UPI in New York once told me when he was a cub photographer for The Daily News, he witnessed a cab knocking a little girl off her bike. After the ambulance took her to Lennox Hill, Ed raised his Speed Graphic and framed one of the girl's shoes lying next to the twisted bike. He knew it was a great shot. But the city editor didn't run it. Why? Because while everyone at the paper knew Ed's image was totally legit, it nevertheless had the appearance of being a setup.

Now, those were the days when reporters did authentic journalism. Today the Main Stream Media are full of well-fed, sycophantic stenographers who copy down verbatim the spin, lies, and bullshit of Karl Rove's daily Republican fascist swine talking points. But then I hasten to add that at least The Washington Post seems to be coming around.

Check out this four-part series that began in the WaPo Sunday about how Dick Cheney brazenly pulls all the strings in the Bush administration. He's behind the torture at Gitmo, he's behind all the illegal wiretaps, he's behind the leaking of Valerie Plame's identity as a covert CIA agent. He's behind ALL the crimes that are going on, and he just doesn't give a damn about his bottomed out approval ratings, because his attitude always has been and will remain simple: the public be damned.

Anyway, when I headed back another car on Forio's main drag suddenly zipped past me verrrry close and before I could react, its right front rear-view mirror clipped my hip. It snapped back against the car, because it was hinged. No major damage to either the car or my body. But it became clear to me that I better get home real quick, because it's just not safe for me to be out and about today.

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