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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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A Lucky Number?

Lara was born on 7/7/70 at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan. At the time my first wife and I had been married seven years and seven months. On 7/7/77 Bully, my stepfather, took me to the Thistledown Race Track in Cleveland, Ohio. I placed a bet on the seventh horse in the seventh race. It was a long shot, but it came in first by two and a half lengths. I brought back about $475, which I split with Lara. Since then the number has not been particularly lucky, either for Lara or for me. Maybe that will change this coming Sunday.

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im going to see 77 drummers perform for 77 minutes starting at 7pm under the brooklyn bridge on 7/7/7! I hope something good happens. You know, besides the show.

Good luck with that, daddy-o!

Luck? Luck? What in the world is THAT?

Ah, of course. All these years of reading and I didn't know/remember that you had a daughter.

Perfectly understandable, inasmuch I haven't written about her for a very long time. Birthdays have a way of reminding me!

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