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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Lara and Stephen

My kids Lara and Stephen, in the late 70s, when I still believed virtually anything was possible. That woman?

Don’t ask.

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Okay...I gotta say, having an ex myself, that's an absolutely brilliant link!

In the ultimate scheme of things my reference to the evil one is small change, but satisfying nevertheless.

Your kids looked great back then. In the second one Laura, eating an apple, looks very self contained and observant, like an Eve trying to become cognizant of the world.

Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers often advise their callers to fix the red warning light on the dash with "black tape" when they have an unknown, looming and troublesome car problem. It saves a lot of expense in the long run, on a repair that probably was less cost-effective than driving the vehicle to it's imminent totality and finding a new one.

You and Laura are getting together for a visit Sunday? Best of times whatever the case.

Unfortunately, both Lara and Stephen stopped communicating a few years ago, leaving no addresses, nor workable telephone numbers or emails. Every month or so I run a new Google search, though. Meanwhile, when they're ready to talk they know where I am!

Nice looking children.
Hope they decide to look you up soon.
Life is indeed too short.

Thanks! As I said, they know exactly where to find me....

You daughter is stunning. In my opinion, they're blessed to have someone as dynamic as you for a father. But, what do I know, anyway.

By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


Though, I dread waking up tomorrow. dreaddreaddread.

(typing dread like that is actually rather fun - try it!)

A word that is typed on a QUERTY keyboard with one's left hand only, which is the less practiced of the two, except of course if you're left-handed. Handedness, then, determines whether the utterance is strong or weak. But we can't ever know that, can we?

The hardest word to pronounce ever invented...

Hi, I'm not here to judge what happened. What happened between you and your kids is your own business. I'm not here to listen to rights and wrongs done in some distant past. I'm not here to comb through the "he said this and she said that." I'm here to ask you two simple questions:
1) Does it really matter who bends first?
2) Is the price of not having someone in your life worth not saying "I'm sorry" to the loved one face?

Yes, it is humiliating, but sometimes, just sometimes, a little gesture can go beyond this world...

I wish you luck re-connecting with your kids. I really do :)


Re: The hardest word to pronounce ever invented...

Over the years since our family broke up in the nastiest divorce you can ever imagine, I have repeatedly and relentlessly acknowledged to both Stephen and Lara all my mistakes, errors, misjudgments, tiresome absurdities, and overall general failures as a husband and as a father. I've repeatedly told them I deeply regretted and will forever regret everything I have done to hurt them. For a while we exchanged telephone calls and emails. But then a couple years ago they both fell silent. There was no big argument, no major event that precipitated this. Their telephone numbers and emails and street addresses are no longer operative. The same obtains for their mother, who since the divorce in 1986 has absolutely refused to share with me anything at all about them. "That's between you and them," she said. Every month or so I do a Google search, but turn up nothing. When they're ready to reconnect, they know exactly where I am, and they also know that my door will always be open to them.

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