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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Penetrating the Ineffable

In response to my post with the face of "that woman" obscured, duccio provided a powerful metaphor:

Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers often advise their callers to fix the red warning light on the dash with "black tape" when they have an unknown, looming and troublesome car problem. It saves a lot of expense in the long run, on a repair that probably was less cost-effective than driving the vehicle to it's imminent totality and finding a new one.

Originally I had in mind the ancient Egyptian practice of effacing inscriptions and likenesses in temples and tombs. Like what happened to Hapshepsut, the only female Egyptian ruler who publically claimed to be Pharaoh and who tried to prove that she was a man despite her female body. Ikhnaton suffered the same fate.

Along these lines, during the recent French election the candidates of both parties saw a great number of their campaign posters mutilated, and the interesting thing is that most frequently attacked were their eyes. Which is a symbolic attempt to obliterate their very souls.

duccio understands we may create images in both a conscious and subconscious way in our attempts to penetrate the ineffable.

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Both second and third pictures can not be seen.
But, unrelated to the ancient practices, why do you feel so hurt still after so many a year? Did not you try to find some cure of that pain she apparently left you with? I feel it would be very natural and human - just forget, you don't have to forgive to be able to forget. And, possibly, this trouble is related in some way to your problem with your wonderful kids. When you manage to find inner peace, you probably will be more attractive communication partner for them, do you agree?
P.S. Excuse me for unintended breaking of your privacy. If you don't like such questions, I will be silent.

The peculiar thing about writers is that virtually everything they encounter is perceived on two levels. The first is recognizing a particular event's essential reality, as well as its normal cause and effect sequence.. The second is that for a writer no event is ever forgotten or abandoned because it represents the writer's lifeblood--i.e., it's simply MATERIAL.

I am at peace here on my beautiful island, but I take great satisfaction in writing from the point of view of a person NOT at peace. I like storytelling. Rehashing things. Sometimes I even indulge myself in a bit of what they call revisionist history. Which means it merely has to be plausible, not wholly factual. Why do writers do this? Because we CAN!

You have just made me want to start writing again.

Actually I hate writing. But I get a great rush from having written!

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