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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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The Imagenovel Is Complete

Vittoria’s Island CD

Ecco! This is the CD of my recently completed imagenovel. Paul Wright not only constructed the CD, but also designed the Jewel Case Cover. To him I convey my thanks and admiration for a job well done.

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It looks beautiful!!! : )

Thanks. The lad did a great job and I'm quite pleased with it.

it must be so nice to be able to view your finished product like that. what a sense of accomplishment

It's good that I'm well into Vittoria's Island Book II, otherwise I don't know what I'd do with myself!

this is so cool. Not to sound like a marketer but, will it be available, you know...by christmas?

Long experience has taught me that when it comes to predicting what publishers will do, you're better off going to the track. I'd like to see this thing appear in book stores and on Amazon.com before someone else comes up with the idea. My US agent agrees. Meanwhile, I'm focusing my attention on Vittoria's Island Book II, which everyone may follow in LJ as it unfolds. As I mentioned earlier, appreciative comments by friends have been a great incentive to post something virtually every day.

Congratulations.Reading this news is a wonderful way to begin my Sunday morning

Keep us posted about O.S availablilty and so on if you have time.

Thank you, I'm glad I can contribute in a very small way to some happiness somewhere. Vittoria's Island is being marketed by my US and UK agents as a book, and the CD is an efficient good way to get the thing to publishers for an auction. The printed ms is a most weighty thing, so to speak!

I hope you are going to post about your feelings when you first see and touch 'the book'-what an experience that will be

Well, to tell you the truth I am working very hard on developing a suitable literary persona, which is vastly different from the "real" me. This persona demands a cool, calm approach. One not given to emotional outbursts.

It's like that story that's often told about Robert Frost. His wife popped her head in his room and said, "The reporter is here to interview you." He said, "Give me a moment. I need to mess up my hair."

lol- I like that.

You'll just have to save the 'whoopee, I did it' dance for the privacy of your own home

congratulations, forioscribe! that is so nice.

that map on the cover is the bomb.

If the reading is anything like what we've been sampling lately, I want to get the nypl to order it.


Re: vittoria's island

Many thanks! The reading is exactly what has been in LJ for the last five months, but in the right sequence, of course, and appears in the CD in a style very similar to daily entries. In fact, LJ was to a great extent an inspiration for the concept. I should say that the appreciative comments you and others have given me along the way have been of significant help, and I'm grateful.

How does an image novel work? Is it just the photos, or is the story in there, too? Does someone read the parts you wrote in your journal?

I probably sound pretty simpleminded...

The imagenovel, as I've devised it, uses images not as illustrations but as an essential part of both the plot and its metaphorical scheme and narrative structure. In some cases the images carry most of the load, sometimes it's the narrative, and every now and again the two work together to bring forth a strong synergy. Yes, as I've been posting it was being read by my US agent and she has been quite supportive.

I can well imagine that an agent would be very interested in your work as you presented it to us in your journal.

The cover is very nicely done, and I was pleased to see the credit you gave the designer.

I guess my question was not clear. When you posted in your journal, each photo was accompanied by text, which I can't envision being printed and displayed on a CD, so my question about reading was, is the DISK narrated? IE, do you or someone else (or several someone elses) read the text on the CD, as in an audio cassette? Or is the CD the photos to accompany a print version of the text? s

The CD does indeed display the pictures and text much as it appears in Live Journal. Same black background, same white text--but larger, to make it easier to read. At the bottom of each entry are links: "Next" takes you to the next entry, "Back" takes you to the preceding one, "Contents" takes you to the table of contents that lists all the entires by title, along with the titles of the accompanying photos, and "Exit" takes you out.

Which, BTW, was a long and tedious task to put together, which is why Paul Wright deserves recognition for his spendid effort!

Thanks for the clarification. That sounds FABULOUS! Be sure to keep us posted on when/where it is available...

Does Paul do this work commercially? a

In my last reply I failed to thank you for your appreciative comments. And yes, of course, I'll keep everyone up to date as to the progress this imagenovel makes toward publication.

Island man said, 'guarda quanta bella é la mia luna'
'My moon!'I echoed and followed giggling. 'Where is MY moon then? Dall'altra parte? . It must be your sea too..."

This is right up my alley. Allusive, mysterious, and virtually inpenetratable. Don't hesitate to send more my way! Grazie.

Great looking cover and an excellent concept. I feel like I've missed out on so much of your story because I came into it at the "tale end". ;)

I'm looking forward to purchasing a copy so I can get caught up on all I've missed.

Grazie, your comments are deeply appreciated! You can be sure that I'll keep you and everyone else on my friends list up to date on the progress this imagenovel makes toward publication.

Congratulations! Excellent frame to your great job!

But they won't publish an interactive CD, the one where you can make comments and get author's replies, will they?.. ;))

Thanks. Yes, Paul Wright did a fabulous job on it. As for being interactive, waaaaal, I guess I'll just have to keep posting on LJ!

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