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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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A Daily Walk III

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(Deleted comment)
That cute little doggie needs some ivermectin!

He doesn't look too healthy, so you're very likely right!

so many possible stories when a pair of pants is hanging from a dilapidated shed with a rusted lock. provocative.

I think of the old-timers, who simply refuse to change their ways. Like Giuseppe, who owned this vineyard. After he died, his sons picked up where he left off. One of them said they wouldn't continue because there's no money in it after the cooperative took over buying all the grapes on the island, but there the two brothers are, out there early in the morning cultivating between the vines, doing it just like dad.

hi, john. i'm going to add you on, if you don't mind. i like your photos.

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