John Palcewski (forioscribe) wrote,
John Palcewski

Love on the Half Shell

 Birth of Venus

When I saw this statue in Trieste’s Piazza Unita d’Italia, I thought of Botticelli’s famous painting, which is supposed to represent the birth of love in the world. Serious art demands a serious response. But now I laugh. There I am, at the feet of Venus, blowing into a conch, alerting the world to another utterance of the goddess.

This one came in a short e-mail, without salutation and without signature, which I opened early this morning.

“Can you understand if I say I don't feel like speaking? I'm sorry I don't feel like talking. Try to understand. With time I'm sure I will come up with something. I need time. I'm trying to handle this, but it's too big. Give me time. At least my tears have stopped.”


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