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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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The Sea Is Dead Calm

A Room of His Own

My Dear Jack, this room will be empty today because I’m leaving in a half hour for a visit to the tiny island of Ventotene, which I can see from that window on a clear day if I stand on my toes and peer above the exotic foliage.

So don’t worry. I’ve not been contemplating falling off the deep end just because you-know-who continues to hide and I have no bloody idea in hell when she will decide to revisit the real world again, and if she does I might say things she’s never heard me say before, but of course I won’t, I’ll just fall right back into the status quo, the maddening routine of me here and her there, and our future together merely an abstraction, a futile hope, a wisp of smoke that dissipates in the slightest breeze. God damn it all to hell.

Actually, that was meant as ironic humor. The prospect of a new adventure has put me in a most pleasant mood. Last night I heard the wind howling down from the top of the mountain, and I thought for sure today would be stormy with high seas, but no. Absolutely clear skies. The sea is dead calm. Perfect.

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I've made that photo my wallpaper for the day. Hope that's ok! The light coming in the window looks so familiar to me. We were in a little basement apartment in Frascati in '75. When I'd open the windows, in would pour that bright light. The configuration of the workspace is pleasing, too, compact and neat, and the painting on the wall is like a visual echo. Nice!

Thanks! I think it's safe to admit that this particular bit of my fictional enterprise is wholly autobiographical. I've grown quite attached to this "Clean, Well-lighted Place." The painting, however, is not.

Re: Personal Disclosure

...autobiographical, that is.

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