John Palcewski (forioscribe) wrote,
John Palcewski

The Sea Is Dead Calm

A Room of His Own

My Dear Jack, this room will be empty today because I’m leaving in a half hour for a visit to the tiny island of Ventotene, which I can see from that window on a clear day if I stand on my toes and peer above the exotic foliage.

So don’t worry. I’ve not been contemplating falling off the deep end just because you-know-who continues to hide and I have no bloody idea in hell when she will decide to revisit the real world again, and if she does I might say things she’s never heard me say before, but of course I won’t, I’ll just fall right back into the status quo, the maddening routine of me here and her there, and our future together merely an abstraction, a futile hope, a wisp of smoke that dissipates in the slightest breeze. God damn it all to hell.

Actually, that was meant as ironic humor. The prospect of a new adventure has put me in a most pleasant mood. Last night I heard the wind howling down from the top of the mountain, and I thought for sure today would be stormy with high seas, but no. Absolutely clear skies. The sea is dead calm. Perfect.


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