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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Ventotene - Parata Grande

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I have the same ipod. Sad.

Well, the last time I was in New York I went into the Apple flagship store on Fifth Avenue and bought a 30 gig ipod. I have not yet begun to fill its alleged capacity of 7,500 songs, 75 hours of video or 12,500 photos. But I have managed to put in a huge pile of classical, baroque, Romantic, Zydeco, Mississippi Delta Blues, etc., etc., and the "shuffle" mode provides some eerie juxtapositions. Can't say this elegant little device has brought any sadness. But I can't imagine walking the streets of New York--or Naples, for that matter--with earplugs blotting out ambient sound. On the streets of major cities you have to be fully alert to danger, and being preoccupied or distracted invites the scrutiny of predators, theives, perverts. Paranoia is merely hightened awareness.

I just got an 8GB nano and I'm very impressed by it, but I would not walk around outside listening to any music.

Paranoia is merely heightened awareness.
And people think I exaggerate.

Oh. I was just referring to the sadness of ubiquity.

how refreshingly different than the life i've played out the past few weeks.
when will i take that leap...even though i know i'll be always in the dark?
oh, to relax and be...with no care or being driven to achieve...italia, is it possible in any place? i've tasted the honey, sipped the wine and been captivated by the life style, beauty, intrigue and peace of being of the country.
tante grazie for the challenge. ciao!

When you're ready, you'll do it. Sooner or later. Nothing ever stays the same. Nothing.

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