John Palcewski (forioscribe) wrote,
John Palcewski

Nothing Needs To Be Said

 A Comfortable Couple

Early on in our involvement, I took Vittoria for a ride to the Jersey Shore. She gazed out the window, in a sort of dreamy state. I glanced down. Her big toe arched up slightly in her sandal, and then in a few seconds it relaxed. That little toe movement of hers was oddly touching. Why I recall it now I have no idea.

But I was thinking about relationships yesterday in Piazza Luca Balsofiore. Over there, the tourists taking a break. So comfortable in each other’s company. They are very likely happy and well adjusted. But they do not speak. Together, clearly a couple, yet alone within themselves. Nothing needs to be said.

My fantasy: You-know-who is sitting beside me, here at this sunny outdoor café table. And for once I keep my mouth shut.

A Comfortable Couple CU

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