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John Palcewski's Journal

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Lizzard-brained Lunatic

(image: Jason Reed/Reuters. September 2, 2007. via nytimes.com)

This is about the most obscene photograph I’ve ever seen in my life. Take a close look. Study those young, eager faces. And then look at the alleged “Commander In Chief” in a safe US Air Base a hundred miles away from Baghdad, very nearly giddy with delight at how these young, eager troops shout their approval of him on command. Bush is shamelessly using our children, our very own boys and girls, as PR props for the war that will never end. He stands next to boys and girls who in a week from now may very well be horribly wounded, or shell shocked, or dead. Yet the moron GRINS stupidly, as if the reality that surrounds him does not exist. That the overwhelming majority of Americans want our troops home NOW, not ten or twenty years hence. When will this utter madness end? When will someone in Congress stand up and STOP this nauseating, disgusting, lizzard-brained lunatic before more of our boys and girls die needlessly?

Here’s the article in The Huffington Post this morning. Read it and weep.

“Reading The Pictures: George’s Magic Kingdom,” by Michael Shaw, The Huffington Post, September 4, 2007

I don't know why more isn't made of the White House tactic of hauling off -- in effect, kidnapping -- the traveling press on these thoroughly-scripted Iraq dog-and-camel shows.

In the style of other engineered "forced disappearances," converting the visual media into a literally captive audience during these so-called "surprise" detours does, however, offer a choice opportunity to survey this administration's main product -- plasticized and surreal impressions that misdirect the public mind.

In this case, for example, the president is not secreted away for a few hours in a runaway, force-occupied country with young and expendable flesh-and-blood soldiers. Instead, in line with all the supposed improvement in his war of liberation, the Commander - And - Chief Mouseketeer has spirited off to Disney World to tout his gains with the shiniest and most effervescent children he could pick out of the melting pot.

Original piece in HP can be seen here.

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The lord of the flies visits the cradle of civilization. "Kill the pig, bash it in, slit it's throat", he smiles.

But that was fiction! What the moron is doing and intends to continue to do is real, and that's the tragedy. It's all beyond words.

Bill Maher made a brilliant comment. He said this guy had to go to Iraq on a surprise visit because he has so many fans there, he didn't want to get mobbed!

It's amazing how the destruction of a few buildings and a few thousand lives in one city caused the complete destruction of a country, the death of even more of OUR people, and the displacement of even more, none of which had ANY relation to the first event.

Really, though, I don't know what would get people to toss this guy out on his ear. If it hasn't happened yet, it isn't going to happen. And that's why I always get depressed in hearing about this stuff. I don't know what's going to need to happen to make that happen, but I don't know if I could deal with whatever that event is.

That's just it. Depressing. Those Republican assholes didn't hesitate to impeach Bill Clinton who did NOTHING approaching the crimes that are going on right now, but these same Republicans will never allow an impeachment of Bush to go forward, no matter what the fuck he does. He's content to let those kids keep dying in the desert, he says we'll just stall for another six months, a year, and by that time we'll be home free. Did you read excerpts from that new book some Texas buddy of his wrote? How the moron is looking forward to making a lot of money giving speeches, and working in his "Freedom Foundation," and, when he gets bored, going down to the ranch? It's absolutely mind bending. The guy sees the end, the outcome, in which he pays absolutely NO consequences for what he's done. It's fucking insane.

I hope the majority of voters in the next election feel the same way, so that the whole rotten republican bunch will be thrown out of office.

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