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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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I like to know the name of that female model-nice photos-also the pictures come across as being two giant idols

Well, they both struck me as bizarre. An example of advertisers desperately trying to capture the attention of an audience long numbed by the daily assault of images on TV, most of them blatantly sexual.

The top one with her unseen right arm looks like one of the victims of that Larry Singleton guy (I'm amazed I can remember the monster's name) who used a hatchet and hacked the arms off of his very young victim after sexually assaulting her. The poor girl was left to wander around armless after he left her for dead. She survived, he got life. Can't CK make these associations too? Maybe that's the point. Disturbing.

Actually, I looked this up after remembering there was something else about him, LARRY SINGLETON (maybe you recall too) was convicted and paroled after only 8 years which caused a great outrage. He moved to Florida (from California) and killed a woman there 20 years later, and died in prison.

You can be sure the marketing geniuses at CK are eager to exploit any and all psycho-sexual connections lurking in the public's subconscious.

How the hell do they expect people to keep from crashing into each other? It's beyond blatant, verging on (dare I say) shocking. And not because of the sexual aspect, but because of the huge, in-your-faceness of the scale.

As I say, because of decades of ever-increasing intensity of advertising messages, the public has become numb, so these marketing geniuses simply have to crank it WAY up there. This is a sign of desperation, with a whiff of moral bankruptcy. We live in a society that ignores a moronic, treasonous government, and tolerates the useless slaughter of our sons and daughters in Iraq, and the news media pretends everything is just fine. The well-groomed talking heads smile, and say: "We'll be right back, after a few messages from our sponsors." That's what it's all about. Selling soap. And underwear.

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