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John Palcewski's Journal

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The More You Learn, The Less You Know

Padre John Onorato Carcaterra (b. Forio, 1871 d. Grumo Nevano, 1940).

He was custodian of the Holy Land in Jerusalem, one of the most important positions of the Church in the Middle East, and then bishop of Ipso in Phrygia. Onorato was the name that he took in religion when he was attracted to St. Francis and he wore the habit of Minor Observant. He studied various languages: French, English, Spanish, Arabic and Hebrew, and in 1898 obtained a degree in Rome in Sacred Theology, which then taught at the seminary seraphic Custody of the Holy Land. He spent the last years of retired life in the Convent of Grumo Nevano, where he died at 69. He was returned to Ischia in 1934, on the occasion of the second centenary of the death of St. G. Giuseppe della Croce. Recently, his remains were transferred to Forio in the Convent of the Franciscans.

Read more about Isola d’ Ischia here.

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My heart skipped a beat when I read this post -- that's my name. Without the Carcaterra part. Or the Padre. But still!


Interesting! Do you bear a physical resemblance to him?

not really, no. Truth be told, I'm adopted, so I'm not really related by blood -- so on some scrutiny, he does look a little like my father, who did come by the name honestly.

Of course, your figure has a full beard and my father does not, but my dad does look unusually young for his age.

Austin, Texas! I flunked algebra twice at UT, never tried it again. For a while I had a part time job at the Texas Senate, as among a number of other guys called assistant-sergeants-at-arms. Glorified messenger boy. One time Gov. John Connely and I rode alone together in the elevator. I said nothing to him, and he said nothing to me. I used to give tours of the Capitol. I made up shit. Like that crack in the great seal of the state of Texas on the marble floor below the capitol dome? Well that crack came when a guy climbed way up on one of those balconies and took a flying leap downward. People believed the shit I made up.

LOL! I think they're still using teh stories you made up ... I seem to remember hearing something similar when I took my capitol tour some years ago.

Connely -- I don't even remember that name. Of course, I'm not big into the political scene here. When was that?

I went to St Ed's, by the way.

John Connally, Democrat, governor of Texas, was in the 60s shot with John Kennedy in Dallas. He survived, obviously. I was in Austin only for about a year, so I don't know St. Ed's. Originally from Ohio, went to Texas when I was in the USAF.

ah yes. That's where I know the name from.

St Edward's University is a private college on South Congress. Sister school to Notre Dame.

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