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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Nothing Stays The Same Forever

Yesterday I shaved off my moustache and beard. While I was at it, I cut off all the hair from my head. No particular reason. Just figured it was time for something completely new.

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My bf did that a long time ago. Just felt the urge and did it. Just like that. He had hair a bit longer than yours. I was more traumatized than he but it felt right to him.

Nothing prompted this change at all?
That is interesting.

Good look though.

No, nothing prompted it. Yesterday afternoon I was watching the moody genius Ronnie O'Sullivan nonchalantly destroying his opponent in the UK Snooker championship, when I just got up, went to the bathroom and set at it. A tedious process it turned out, but I felt no hesitation whatever. This morning I looked at myself in the mirror and said, OK. What the hell.

You look real good if you don't mind me saying. You look new. Bring it on!

Thanks! I feel new. Refreshed. Maybe it has to do with control issues. One narrow area of my life where I may act without fear of challenge or consequence.

I would say that this is something every guy should do at least once. How do you like it so far? The first thing I noted was how the top of my head felt the temperature and wind changes so readily.

The real test was this morning when I looked at myself in the mirror. I didn't get a gag reflex, but instead felt good because I'm at the point in my life where I can do just about any goddamned thing I please. And yes, a bald head opens up some entirely new temperature sensations.


Ok, I will admit my first reaction was not printable. (I am admitedly a girl who likes the hairy, sue me.)

But as usual my second thought was the better. This look makes your eyes seem very intense and penetrating and compelling. And hey, if it is comforatble for you, nothing else really matters.

(ignore the crying, I just love the long hair and the beard and *sigh* ...)

The great beauty of the whole thing is that if I get tired of being a baldie, all I have to do is....nothing. It'll all grow back!

I have thought of doing the same thing-cutting off my hair and shaving off my beard-but if I did I would like I had cancer or just joined a gang-you do look different-your eyes stand out more.

Yes, being bald is associated with cancer patients, but many police officers and members of the military favor a shaved head. It's not that big a deal, actually. It grows back!

(Deleted comment)
You look younger! And I think more contemporary. (I know you weren't reaching for that, but it happened anyway.) I have always wanted to shave my head......like a performance artist, ? Rosenthal, did when she turned 60. Shaved her head and painted a big 60 on the back. But I have never had the nerve. Maybe when I retire and no longer have to look a certain way so as not to scare patients or wear a wig I will. Just to see how it feels.

I wish someone was there to take photos of the process. That would have been fun to see.

Anyway, congratulations, I like the new look.

As Penpusher said yesterday, everyone ought to try this at least once. I'm surprised at how quickly and easily the decision came, and how little I regret having done it. And when you decide to join the baldie club, you must of course document the whole thing. Plenty of pics Before and After. And post them on LJ!

Thanks! It's an interesting experience. Kinda deep, too. Identity issues and all that.


Nice transition and change.

Then I miss your mustache and beard framing your face in your pics.

Congrats.... .spontanateity is faaaaaabulous.

rock on baby. :X

Thanks! Yes, it's exactly like a transition, or maybe even a ritual. It feels good to do something new, something unexpected.

I don't hear that very often! Thanks.

Oh! It looks great, John. Your eyes are like lasers.

Well, those lasers need help when I pick up a book and try to read! Gotta have my specs.

Wowie! What prompted the change?

So now after the fact....how do you feel about it?

Absolutely nothing prompted it. As I replied earlier I was watching the UK snooker championship on Eurosport and just got up, went to the bathroom, and started cutting. It took much longer than I expected, and hair cuttings were all over the damned place. But now I feel like the blackboard has been wiped clean, and I've got a fresh piece of chalk.

You look like the real Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Meantime, my hair has gotten longer.


..Happy Holidays btw..

well done! you look almost priestly, in a way -- maybe it's the outfit as well. Regardless, I like it. I did that once, a number of years ago -- in the middle of winter. I got rather fond of do-rags rather quickly, as my head is too large for most hats.

Why do you wear a G-clef pin?

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