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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Table Talk

Epictetus taught that life is a banquet. At the table we are obliged to accept with good grace what’s put before us. But for too long that wasn’t my style. No, I’d take a bite, spit it out, and summon the servant. He’d never be apologetic or servile enough for my taste, he’d never say what I wanted to hear. So I’d shout, gesticulate. Sometimes I’d go so far as to upturn the entire table, and send all the crockery smashing to the floor.

Mine was a wholly infantile philosophy, which I knew I had to someday abandon.

You know what they say. Better late than never.

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I love that image.
The photograph.

It is, indeed.

However, I see a white chair and a white table, and endless possibilities.

Great photo. And great words. BLTN. I say that alot.

Kind of you to say, thanks. But tell me, what does BLTN mean?

OH. Better Late Than Never.

my first response is to duck and tuck when such behavior is exhibited. the last time this happened in my presence was a palm sunday. the sermon was the moneychangers in the temple. ted went ballistic. overturned the banquet table. i grabbed the closest child and tucked into the floor and proceeded to wipe up the glass.

it broke my heart.

All the more reason a man is obliged to abandon infantile behavior.

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