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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Pre-dawn Ritual

Before the sun appears from behind Mt. Epomeo I take my coffee to the terrace and look down at the still-sleeping village of Forio. Gleaming jewels amid the alabaster ornaments scattered about the greenery. To the left is the tuffa villa of the old lady who died last year. It's still empty. From time to time someone comes in an Ape and loads boxes into the building's basement, then drives off.

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as always, beautiful. You cut your hair?

Thanks! Yes, on a sudden impulse I cut off all my hair, shaved my head, and eliminated my moustache and beard. It caused quite a stir at the grocery store. Regret? Nope. I should have done it earlier. Being hairless is liberating in an odd way.

:) my husband did it too... Saddly, he looked more like a Gennie then Captian Picard. He is growing his back.

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