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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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I love these! Where is that and how old is the di Meglio place?

Eight Centuries Before The Birth of Christ

All four were taken in the village of Forio, on the island of Ischia, in the bay of Naples. Much of the architecture here goes back centuries, and indeed there are grave goods and artifacts in the archeological museum in Lacco Ameno that are from early Greek settlements in 800 BC.

Re: Eight Centuries Before The Birth of Christ

I thought it might be from Ischia, since you live there and everything. But these picutres had a bit of a different atmosphere, so I though perhaps you took a day trip somewhere.

That part of the world is so beautiful. I was only in Positano and the ocean and little restaurants a boat ride away, so I don't know Ischia--but I loved it. It's such a magical place.

Re: Eight Centuries Before The Birth of Christ

The place grows on you! And it's entirely different from the nearby island of Capri, where most of the tourists go. Over there it's crowded, expensive. Here you can see what Capri must have been like 50 years ago.

It's getting tempting to move there. I had a dream I told my dad (who visits Verona twice a year) to move there. Too bad my only second language is Spanish.

Language is Never an Obstacle

My Italian is embarrassingly marginal, but I've managed to get along here very well for eight years. There's always a way to communicate. Especially in a shop when you open your wallet and show you have Euros.

Re: Language is Never an Obstacle

Yeah, so you've said before!

Re: Language is Never an Obstacle

When you get to my age you find that you repeat yourself, not remembering that you've already said it a dozen times!

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