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John Palcewski's Journal

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Hike To Lacco Ameno, Part V

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Gorgeous photos! Looks warm and lovely there. Not like the snow mess we've got going on here in Minneapolis.

Winter in Minneapolis

Thanks! I lived for a year in Minneapolis, in Hopkins, and saw first hand how a snow storm simply does not shut a major city down. An army of snow plows keeps the roads and parking lots cleared. All this in minus 30 degrees F, not counting the wind chill factor. But jeez, was it COLD!

Re: Winter in Minneapolis

It's a small world! David & I love visiting Hopkins. It's a quaint little town (Rasberry Festival is fun). We often go to the theater and visit the antique shops.

It's currently 16F here in the Cities - snow still covers the landscape. Hopefully a warm spell later this week will melt it all away!


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