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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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The Window at De La Concha

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I've been enjoying your photo journaling very much. I have been suprised by my reaction to this series of the man and his (wife? girlfriend?) So much in his mannerisims and his eyes.... Makes me sooo angry at him!
From this little captured moment of time it makes me think she deserves better...

It's been lingering with me since you first posted and thought I'd send you a note with my thoughts...

So, what brings you back to the States?

Thanks for your kind comments, your interest in my work. As for the couple, I was drawn to the fact that for a few moments they had completely blocked out their surroundings...and on closer inspection I see what provoked your reaction. She's spontaneous, he isn't. She wants him to give, and he does so reluctantly.

I go to New York at least once a year and stay a month or two, then go back to my Island in Italy where I truly belong...

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