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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Rupert Jee

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What was he like?

Does he ever smile? Lol.

Rupert Jee On The Job

Rupert was exactly as he appears on the show. Just a bit slow on the uptake, but not stupid, just wrapped up in his little shop, where he actually runs the counter, selling both food and his various T-shirts and other Hello Deli merchandise. Very obligingly he posed for shots with tourists, and his assistant often took them. I asked him for a black coffee to go, and he said okay, but then turned and said, "Oh, we're out of coffee right now. How about iced tea?" I told him I enjoyed his appearances on the show. "Your'e a star!" I said. He said "Thanks," but--as you noted--he didn't smile.

Re: Rupert Jee On The Job

Out of coffee?? Goodness me! That's a bit sad! Lol.

I find it strange that he doesn't smile...

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