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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Who Are You? What Do You Want?
 What Do You Want?

This chap obviously had the capacity to recognize the sound of a foreigner’s footsteps from behind a closed door and a fully shuttered window. He peered out at me just as I raised my camera. I saw his questioning glare at the side of the viewfinder: “Who are you? What do you want?”

I pretended that my subject was to his left, off down the deserted street of that lonely island. Click-whirr. Click-whirr. Then I lowered the camera, smiled, and said, “Buon giorno!”

What could he do but repeat the word?: “Buon giorno.” Retaining his glare, of course.

Episodes like these reinforce the feeling I get in encounters with Francesca, and with Giovanni and the rest of Vittoria’s family. They go to extreme lengths to convey to me that I’m nothing but an unwelcomed interloper, a usurper, a person they know is bent on overthrowing their cherished & established order. Which is one of secrecy and silence. And they are extremely well defended. In this country they’ve had centuries of practice resisting invaders.

After a while I feel like saying, “All right. You win. There’s nothing I can do to penetrate the walls you have erected around yourselves.” And it doesn’t help that Vittoria in effect endorses the concept by her retreats. She speaks to NO ONE. Not even me, her lover. It gnaws at me, it makes me crazy.

Then yesterday the ground trembled, and Mt. Epemeo—the allegedly extinct volcano—suddenly burst forth an eruption of huge dirty clouds of noxious gas, and spewed out a wide river of white hot lava, which rolled down the slope and…

Well, all right. That’s way too much of a metaphorical stretch.

I lost my temper yesterday. And I did not restrain myself with Francesca, nor with Vittoria who came online afterward. I just let all my frustration and anger flow out of me. I trembled as I made that keyboard clatter.

In the middle of it I rose, seized my coffee cup, and hurled it across the room. It shattered against the wall, leaving a brown splotch on the white stucco. Ceramic shards skittered across the floor. I was about to kick the chair as well, but I got hold of myself. An hour later I was right back at my machine-gun keyboard tapping.

But wait. I’ll reproduce the ridiculous episode in my journal tomorrow. Because right now I feel hollow, and bruised, even though I was doing all the ranting and raving. I need to take a long walk. And then a soak in the thermal pool at Hotel Royal Palm.

Tomorrow I’ll feel better.

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'Bout time you gave the guys some equal time! LOL!

I'm wondering if this is one of the situations where you PAID the guy to pose? Ah, the implications! He's probably extremely straight and thinking, "Ah, one of those people we hear about..." I'd better warn him off -- he'd better not mess with me!

Or maybe that is NOT a bathing costume... It is expected and OKAY for women to "strut their stuff", but not macho guys.

Or maybe he has a beautiful daughter who was out recently struttin' HER stuff and he's afraid you followed her home with dire intent...

So many story spin-offs possible from that lovely, lovely photo!

You put it to good use in your story...

I have been getting some heavy duty pressure from certian quarters (besides LJers) to produce some nudity of James, inasmuch as he has freely displayed the flesh of Vittoria and a few choice other women. When I reply that on two occassions James's bare feet are shown, she scoffs. That doesn't count.

As for the glaring chap, he was entirely a "found object," as they like to say in art circles, and the encounter went precisely as described. But he does have the look of a man who has a beautiful daughter to hide in there, doesn't he?

Re: Love that Photo!

I can understand that fully. Your story, albiet from the man's perspective, is still basically a romance, and romance readers are still basically women. Most of us just don't get off on photos of naked women, no matter how well-formed...

Toes, chins, half legs (lower part) and torsos don't cut it.

It is difficult to react to feelings that you know can be fictional :)

But anyway: coffee-cup-hurling is really good for one's health. May I suggest James to practice it more often. He remains a saint no matter how many cups follow the path.

Nice of you to suggest that James is saintly! Something nobody has ever said before. Thanks.

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