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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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What's Normal?

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Those are beautiful! I so need my Autumn fix... we don't so much have it here near SF.

I don't know what's normal, other than they tell me 120/80 is good. I'm on meds for high blood pressure too, and I swear they don't consistently work and I don't know why. Or they do, and some stressor or food or other environmental factor raises my pressure counter to my meds.

I have a hypothesis that stress is our single biggest enemy and leads to a host of ills -- is a major causative factor in hbp, obesity, and depression. But I have yet to really line up all the studies supporting this.

I think I've given up trying to establish a cause/effect sequence for when the numbers climb. I'm starting to think that monitoring BP readings is absurd. When the number comes up HIGH, it raises my stress level, which then drives the number even higher. I don't intend to keep up this daily measurement. Maybe I'll revert to a once a week schedule. But at least the meds seem to be working reasonably well.

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