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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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The polls this Sunday morning look solidly in favor of the Democrats, across the board. But this is no time to let up. Go to your nearest Barack Obama Campaign Office and volunteer to knock on doors or to make calls. Don’t worry, you’ll be greeted by an extremely friendly and supportive crowd. You will feel good making a contribution toward bringing America back to where it belongs after eight long years of ineptitude, corruption, and assaults on the Constitution. Just DO it! And on Tuesday VOTE. When you’ve cast your ballot for Obama, go to Starbucks and get yer free cuppa. And celebrate!

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Okay, I'm a bad Seattle boi...I frikkin' HATE Starbucks. Good that I'm immune to bribes, though? The Big O has my vote even without corporate caffeine. ;)

Great! Glad to hear you're an Obama supporter....

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