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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Driving Me Absolutely Friggin' NUTZ

The good news is that “we,” meaning thousands and thousands of volunteers, delivered Pennsylvania for Barack Obama. The bad news is that the huge landslide I thought would be apparent at this time hasn’t materialized. But Ohio just went for Barack, and Florida might do the same.

Fingers crossed.

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Heh, it's funny, my friends were erring on "landslide" and I've been urging caution, so I've been beaming and my friends a little bummed.

It looks like Obama is going to clinch before midnight, that is all that I could have hoped for way back when I saw Obama give that landmark speech at the Democratic Party and I knew that this guy was going to be the future not of the Democratic Party, I have no affiliation to a party (although I suppose being a card-carrying ACLU member would skew me that way), but for our country.

Don't be discouraged that it isn't a blowout.

I think my biggest worry was that Florida would again be the place where the whole thing hung in balance, but then it turned out that it didn't matter what Florida did. It turns out the gods are smiling upon us. At last.

Oh, but we still get to add in CA, WA and OR!!!!

And it looks like Florida is tipping blue--

I think it's coming, the landslide--

Ah, sweet victory! And it's decisive. Whew!

Virginia and California should be next!


Re: Virginia and California should be next!

Yep. Yep. Yep. Did I say Yep?

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