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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Mysterious Stranger

On my walk this morning I encountered a bearded guy in a hooded Macintosh.


In the Hades episode of Joyce's Ulysses, the coffin of Leopold Bloom's drunken friend Patrick Dignam is about to be lowered into the open grave, when Poldy looks around and wonders:

"Now who is that lanky looking galoot over there in the macintosh? Now who is he I'd like to know? Now I'd give a trifle to know who he is. Always someone turns up you never dreamt of. A fellow could live on his lonesome all his life. Yes he could. Still he'd have to get someone to sod him after he died though he could dig his own grave..."

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Before I had a chance to shoot the pic I saw the guy taking a long swig from a pint bottle. That would put him into a different category!

"Galoot" is a word that doesn't get used nearly enough.

You'd never think the word had an Irish orign. More like from the cowboy shitkickers in Texas.

i love your joyce references.

one of my favorite quotes in ulysses is also in hades: "cheese is the corpse of milk." out of all the profoundity that's one that stuck with me the most.

Yes. Funny what sticks, what doesn't.

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