John Palcewski (forioscribe) wrote,
John Palcewski

Nothing New Under The Sun

Fotoromanzi LJ

My phone rang.
"Hello, Harold. What's new?"
"Inadvertently I've found myself doing research on Maria Marrella, your Vittoria's biological mother."
"You know how we enjoy looking for and examining antecedents and connections?"
"Here's one for you. Maria Marrella started her career as a beauty contest winner in Rome. Then she got a few small parts in films. But she attracted her first large and enthusiastic audience in a medium that's somewhat related to the photographic travel journals that you've published the past several years."
"Sounds interesting. What is it?"
"Illustrated stories?"
"Yes. They were very popular in post World War II Italy, and are still published today. Kind of like TV soap operas. They called it 'the poor man's cinema.' Actors posed on elaborate sets or interesting locations for photographs, and a story's dialog was carried in balloons with arrows, as in comics."
"Now that's something I might use in one of my books!"
"Yes indeed! You know what they say. Amateurs borrow. Professionals steal."


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