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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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L'Italia parte cinque

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In queste foto si respirano i colori della nostra Italia...gli sguardi, le viuzze, le povere pietre della nostra penisola e i momenti più disparati che solo un occhio profondo può notare e scattare nella propria arte!
Bellissime foto!

Molte grazie per i gentili commenti. Perdoni la mia italiano povero. Mai ho imparato questa bella lingua.

John, you've come a long way.

Pray when you get to the Vatican.

I've been to the Vatican. The last time I was in St. Peter's, two security guards rushed over to me and sternly informed me that my putting my camera face up on the floor to take a timed exposure of the ceiling was FORBIDDEN. I learned later that Agfa (or some other mega-corporation) had the "rights" to the ceiling because they'd done some super high-resolution photography.

But I'm curious, anonymous. What in your view should I pray for? And why are you anonymous? Do you have something to hide?

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