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John Palcewski's Journal

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Al Sharpton at De La Concha

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Yes, I understand about the photojournalism mode, I thought that perhaps you had been talking with him before you took the pictures. From your other pictures of the people in the cigar shop, I got the impression it was a pretty convivial sort of place.

Wouldn't it be great if that place was a spot where famous and not so famous people could go and relate to each other briefly, share some comaraderie as human beings on a basis of equality and fraternity, and then go their separate ways again. (What planet am I from? Then, maybe it is, I've never been there.)

For the most part that's exactly how De La Concha is. Billionaire John Catsimatidis and his sidekick are regulars. Three or four years ago, when I first met him, I had no idea who he was and more or less ignored him. Then finally one day he struck up a conversation, asked me what I was always writing in my notebook, and called me "The Professor." http://www.jacny.com/ I'll post a pic of him talking to my main bud Tom.

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