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John Palcewski's Journal

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Estate calda, l'isola di Ischia

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Good shots, very expressive.

When I look at these images, I am not sure how many are of locals and how many are of tourists. The body language is more European and not American, which leads me to wonder what exactly it is that I have observed that lets me make that distinction.

Since you have decided to live there, and bounce back and forth between the US and there, what is the difference between the culture there and American culture (or more specifically New York vs California vs Ischia)?

In eight years I've learned that the differences are HUGE, but through the ever present "fallacy of shared assumptions," we are hardly aware of it. Early on we Americanos believe we know what these people mean, but gradually we realize they've merely told us what we wish to hear. Being naturally sweet natured and eager to make guests comfortable, they do this frequently.

You're exactly right about trying to distinguish the tourists from the locals. Easy to spot the Germans and the English and the Americans, but there are tourists from northern Italy, France, etc.

Let's just say this is a great place to be flummoxed!

i love the lady in pink. i would hang that (as a print) in my house.

For A Limited Time Only

Thanks. If you'd like, I'll send you (at no charge, of course) a high resolution JPEG of the image and you can either take it to a photofinisher or make your own print. Send me an email to Palcewski@gmail.com with the address you'd prefer.

Re: For A Limited Time Only

just got this--i'm terrible at checking the online journal. i will email you. thank you in advance.

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